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Brand: Cakelove

The 1st in a collection of edible creativity kits for your kiddies. Create-A-Bug ACTIVITY KIT contains 2 SUPER ways for your child to explore his / her creativity , hand and finger skills and still have FUN at the same time. The best part is they also get to EAT their finished products!

You get 4 Create-A Bug instruction sheets plus a set of 6 delicious marshmallow-based fondant colour packs which they use to CREATE-A-BUG.

You can also store their creations until you want to use them on your own baking attempts such as cupcakes or a cake.

We show them with colourful images how to shape their bugs. Instructions are for Mommy or any adult carer , to guide them along, so it is very interactive!

PLUS you will receive in the kit, 2 PYO Iced Cookie packs. PYO means PAINT YOUR OWN, so we pre-stencil an image on each iced cookie which has colour discs. Using water, they then paint their cookie design themselves which is always such a thrill for them, as they can’t wait to get to eat our delicious cookies.

Please take photos of all their creations as you can share with family and friends, and even Cakelove.

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